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The Horizons Leadership Program is an element of the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce's various professional development programs, alongside our well-established, national Business Mentoring Program, the Emerald Leadership Program and our Affinity Mentoring Program, which supports newer migrant communities. 

"Horizons" is a small group of ‘graduate mentees’, or similar, who have the opportunity to continue their development in a closed group peer learning environment with an experienced facilitator, in a similar format to that of an Executive Roundtable. Horizons is open to both male and female applicants and it is our aim to ensure gender balance in all our Horizons groups.

The first group was launched in 2014/15 by Founding Chair, Bill Winter, one of our most experienced mentors within the Business Mentoring Program.  Bill is a Senior Consultant with experience managing senior leadership forums and during his participation on our earlier mentoring programs,  believed that a group should be established to support the young executives within the Chamber in a similar format to that of their senior colleagues.

Andrew Murrowood joined Bill as a Chair and facilitator of these groups for 2015/16 and with the addition of Peter Longhurst to the group of Chairs in 2017/18, 2019 Horizons participation opportunities will be available across multiple groups in Sydney and Melbourne. The Horizons groups will be comprised of 8-12 young executives from a diverse range of industries who will share knowledge and experience to assist one another in becoming more successful within their chosen career paths. Horizons selection will commence in February 2019, with a view to opening meetings in March and will run over a 12 month period.  Members of this group will attend a series of early morning meetings in a roundtable forum. There is a participation program fee in Horizons based on the number of members of each group and this fee is currently under board review. Applications for the 2019 Horizons groups are now open via link below, or for further enquires please contact


The Horizons Leadership Program aims to achieve the following outcomes for participants:

  • Raise their level of business acumen
  • Build their personal confidence
  • Improve their business network
  • Add value to their Chamber membership

If you are a young professional, emerging leader and/or have participated in a prior or our current IACC Business Mentoring Program and are interested in joining one of our Horizons groups, please submit your expression of interest via the following online form (please note that you must be a current financial member of the Chamber to be eligible to participate in Horizons):



Horizons, founding Chair, Bill Winter, says “I congratulate the IACC on establishing the Horizons Group. This group enables young professional Irish expats and Irish Australians to come together on a regular basis, in a trusted environment, to share their work experiences and learn from each other to be better leaders and better decision makers. The IACC has created an opportunity for continuous learning that has been based on a model available to many senior CEOs worldwide and is now open to our members.”



“As part of the Horizons group, we share our knowledge and encourage each other with career aspirations. Each meeting is thought provoking, interesting and enjoyable.” Aoife Kealy, Capella Capital

“Horizons has helped me progress as a leader. Having a support group of like-minded people from such diverse backgrounds and industries really helped me develop and focus on what I want to achieve. The group is a great environment to get some honest and open advice from some experienced and future leaders.” Rory Carty, Bank of Ireland

“The IACC Horizons Group meetings helped me advance my career and life here in Australia by allowing me to connect with like minded young Irish business people. Our meetings both challenged and inspired me; they helped build my leadership skills and business acumen.” Martin Lynch, Teeling Whiskey