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Irish Chamber

2018 Finalist - Nuala Cullen

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2018

In my role as a Senior Client Account Manager at Deloitte, I have made a significant contribution to shaping the overall strategy and vision for my client and have been integral in driving the opportunities for the supporting Client Service Team - including being involved in the demerger of one of the nation’s largest businesses this year.

I have a genuine passion for client relationship management and I’m uncompromising and relentless in my pursuit of quality outcomes for both my internal and external clients. This involves using Deloitte assets to curate the very best client experiences possible.

My passion for client relationship management extends beyond my role at Deloitte - I’m currently a member of the Melbourne arm of the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce’s Horizons Leadership program. My role includes being responsible for shaping the monthly agenda and managing the logistics of the meetings. Recently, I was delighted to have the opportunity to introduce one of assets I use regularly in my role at Deloitte - the concept of ‘Business Chemistry’, a program that draws upon the latest analytics technologies to reveal four scientifically based patterns of behaviour. The system is designed to provide insights about individuals and teams based on observable traits and preferences. My Horizons group embraced the theory and regularly refer to having used the concept within their own organisations. I really enjoy being part of such an inspiring group of individuals, making an impact by drawing on my job to showcase new and interesting insights and contributing to the Irish community spirit that’s fostered with the group.

Finally, developing others professionally is one of my passions. I am a mentor to an individual who sits within my professional services sector’s membership organisation. I love supporting people to get inspired to deliver best practice, and to network and collaborate so that they can make a positive impact on their business and their career.