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Irish Chamber

2018 Finalist - LiveTiles

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2018

We believe LiveTiles should be considered for this prestigious award given its strong Australian roots and its new Irish Artificial Intelligence R&D hub, established in Sligo, in the northwest of Ireland in May 2018.

While LiveTiles is rapidly developing a series of products and solutions to revolutionize the future of work and truly empower uers, we would specifically like to hightlight LiveTiles Bots as a flagship product because of its unique ability to simplify how businesses build and deploy personalized AI solutions.

By putting powerful technology in the hands of technical and non-technical users, LiveTiles Bots’ drag and drop, 'no-code' bot builder allows any business to quickly reap the benefits of simple AI to drive productivity and release the talents of its people.

For the same reason LiveTiles allow businesses to build personalized digital workplaces. AI in the workplace is not about finding the one ‘chat bot’ solution for all employees, but multiple and even bespoke AI assistants that are truly ‘your’ assistant.

LiveTiles Bots is a chatbot builder, powered by Microsoft Azure’s Bot Framework and Cognitive Services, which enables users to create bots with customized abilities – tailor made to suit any role, any team, in any organization.