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Irish Chamber

2018 Finalist - Kingspan Insulation

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2018

Kingspan Insulation has strived from the beginning to improve the built environment through consistently improving their business, products and service. Beginning as a small business, AIR-CELL, selling only flexible insulation products, the business was later acquired by the Kingspan Group, whom originated in Ireland and has since expanded to a global presence.

In 2017 Kingspan Insulation established a state of the art manufacturing facility in Somerton, Victoria. The factory was built in aim to become Australia’s first 5-Star Green Star manufacturing facility. Its low energy usage and the addition al a solar array on the facilities roof, may see the factory operating on it own generated power without having to pull power from the grid. This will open up opportunity to increase production, sales and employment within the company.


Through the Kingspan values, the business has developed a strong, positive culture resulting in low staff turnover and great development within the business.

The company’s continued focus on research and development and its commitment to a more sustainable built environment, ensures the business is always growing and searching for way to give back to the local community, its customers, and its stakeholders.

Kingspan Insulation is a leader in the insulation industry and aim to continue setting the standard for local manufacturers in Australia.