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2017 Finalist - Kevin Fitzgerald


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Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017
Young Professional
Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017

The answer to this question starts with my granddad, who was treasurer of the local credit union back in Ireland. He taught me by example that it is possible to give back to your community - through the power of business. I’ve since taken these values onboard, which has led me to become an accountant; to help people.  The values my grandad demonstrated were timeless. The power in helping people, sharing your story, listening to the challenges of others, and also bringing a new perspective – these are the same values that guide my career today.

Since coming to Australia, these values have helped to contribute to the following positive outcomes:  I arrived in Australia six years ago and became a recruitment consultant at Robert Walters. Over the three years that followed, I helped over 400 people find new roles in the financial services industry, and I was promoted three times – eventually leading the banking and financial services arm of this firm. I am proud of this fast trajectory, given I didn’t know anyone in Australia when I first arrived, and I had to start from scratch.  More anecdotally, I have helped many Irish expat accountants to set up their new life in Melbourne, helping them to find roles in a range of banks, General Electric and other organisations within the financial services industry in Melbourne. It feels good to help others who are facing the unknown, to know that my insights – and the networks I have created – can steer them in the right direction.

Now, as Territory Sales Manager at Xero (Victoria and Tasmania), technology has become my tool of choice when it comes to giving back in business, and helping others. I work closely with business owners to help them leverage cloud-based technology to grow their business faster. This involves sharing stories of my experiences, listening to the challenges of others, and lending a new perspective as to how the power of the cloud can transform business and the wider Australian economy; which feels incredibly worthwhile..
I also talk to graduates about their future – through my involvement with Monash University, where I speak at events ran by the Monash Accounting Students’ Association.