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The Irish Australian Business Awards - celebrating more than just great business

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Irish Australian Business Awards recognises the achievements and entrepreneurial spirit of Irish Australians, but the real stories are the people behind them.  

The highlight for many of last year’s guests was meeting people who are passionate about what they do. The Awards night is designed to give people an opportunity to mingle and meet new contacts. A night spent with big industry players and creating a new network can be invaluable.

“Attending the Awards gives people exposure to those they might not normally come into contact with. It is a great opportunity to network with top names in industry, nurture current business relationships and create brand-new contacts among a high-achieving group. You never know who you’ll meet or what it will lead to,” said Barry Corr, CEO of the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce.

The winners of the 2016 Irish Australian Business Awards have reaped multiple benefits; beyond the joys of public recognition, these leaders have leveraged the awards to build their organisations.
CurrencyFair, an online peer-to-peer currency exchange market place, won both the International Trader and People’s Choice awards at last year’s ceremony. This recognition was vital in putting potential clients at ease with the organisation.

“Winning not one but two awards last year has been really fantastic for us and has helped enhance our reputation and levels of client trust. We are still seeing valuable connections being made and referral business as a result of taking part,” said Sean Barrett, Director and co-founder of Currency Fair.

Since winning Established Business Award in 2016, Top Knot Joinery has grown considerably and they have had a huge boost in employee morale.
"It has instilled the feeling that we can do whatever we want to do. If we put our minds to it, we can make it happen. It has grown our bond as a team and cemented the confidence that we will get to the level and size that we are targeting through the hard work we put in,” said Eoin Daniels, Managing Director.

His parents flew in from Dublin to be with him at the awards ceremony. “What a terrific event it was. We travelled from Ireland to be there and it was worth the 44 hours in the air to get there and back. Well done to Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce for creating this opportunity for Irish businesses to network and to be nominated and receive awards. It was also a great social occasion. The atmosphere was electric, band played great lively tunes and we could have been in an Irish dancehall with everybody on the floor,” said Eoin’s father Mick.

For tech company Utillix, winning the 2016 Start-Up Award created brand recognition and established its credibility in the marketplace.
“We gained a lot of traction from winning the award.  We are setting up in Singapore and talking to utility providers there. One of the biggest contractors in Singapore is now using our product,” said Founder Oliver Morrissey. “We’ve also been in discussions with Dublin City Council and the utility providers in Ireland and the UK. There is a major appetite for what we’re doing.”

Siobhan White from Hypoxi Bulimba, winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016 believes that the award created great learning opportunities for her.
"Winning the award was such an honour for me, and spending time with all the finalists inspired and motivated me, while enabling me to learn from other successful business owners," said Siobhan

Winning the Young Professional Award has had a big impact on LCI Consultants' Jack McGuire’s career.
“Since winning the award I received a promotion and I am now an associate. I have made excellent global connections and going through the process opened up new experiences for me,” said Jack.

James Sugrue and his team at AFK Agency took out the 2016 SME of the Year Award, topping off a big year for the digital agency.
“Winning SME of the Year cemented a ground-breaking period for AFK. The business now operates a 24hr digital agency with offices in Dublin & Sydney.  Perhaps most excitingly, AFK is now finalising our own products in mobile gaming and AI ratings systems,” said James.

The Business Awards night isn’t all about prizes and accolades. Winning is good for morale and marketing, but taking staff and customers to meet and learn from other business leaders - people dedicated to what they do – is the reason people keep coming back to the Irish Australian Business Awards.


Irish Australian Business Awards