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Bringing a new product to Australia

Friday, July 3, 2015
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In this guest blog, IACC member and shaving evangelist Tom Murphy describes the work he is doing to bring his consumer product to the Australian market and his mission to save more of us from those dreaded shaving cuts!

The idea of bringing Total Shaving Solution to Australia came about when we began to get an increasing number of calls at our Castlebar based office, from Irish customers who had emigrated. Up to then, we concentrated on the Irish market mainly, along with some export business in both Portugal and Switzerland.

After consideration and lots of communication, an Australian company was identified where Total Shave seemed to be a good fit. The personnel were enthusiastic about launching TSS in Australia, after completing a very positive market research exercise. However, after taking delivery of the initial order, the company in question decided it had too many other products which demanded their immediate attention. This naturally was a major disappointment and on my recent visit to Sydney and Melbourne, I was advised to seek out another company who may be interested in promoting TSS in Australia. This was extremely disappointing, so my meeting with Barry Corr, CEO of the Chamber was most opportune and indeed most welcome and positive in that regard. Thank you Barry for facilitating me at such short notice!

Without doubt, Total Shaving Solution is quite a unique product and most likely, you have never heard of it.  However, it is a natural oil and you use it instead of using foam or gel when you shave. Without doubt, it changed my life, and I don’t say that lightly! It is so simple to use and so kind to your skin, you won’t actually believe how good it is until you try it.

For years, I slogged away tearing my face each morning and at times, I’d end up with what seemed like half a roll of toilet paper stuck to my face and neck. When I discovered Total Shaving Solution, I realised what pain free shaving was all about. Put simply, TSS allows you to cut your whiskers, without cutting your skin! You get the closest, smoothest shave ever and research has proved that if you use it for seven or eight shaves in a row, you’ll never return to using foam or gel again.

Total Shaving Solution is available worldwide from our secure web site: and last year alone, we shipped product to customers in over 30 countries throughout the world. Here in Ireland, TSS is available in almost all pharmacies and in all the big grocery outlets including SuperValu, Dunnes Stores, Tesco etc. The 10 ml bottle, (yes it’s very small but it will last for about 90 shaves!) retails in Ireland for under €6.00 while the 25ml. bottle (225 shaves approx) retails at €11.95. My focus now is to have Total Shaving Solution available in Australia, so that both the Irish diaspora and all Australians can experience the best shaves ever imaginable, with a product which treats their skin with kindness. This is truly an amazing shaving product and once your purchase value is €20 or more, we ship free of charge from our secure web site, no matter where you live in the world. Believe me when I say, you won’t actually believe how good it is until you use it.

I’d certainly be very interested in hearing from any company or individuals where Total Shaving Solution would be a good fit with their existing products, and where management is interested in distributing and promoting TSS in Australia. We sell over 100,000 bottles in Ireland each year and the potential in Australia for this Irish product has got to be substantial. I can be contacted directly by email: or indeed via Barry at the IACC on

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