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Irish Chamber

IACC Returning Migrants Program

In early 2015 we conducted research into the emerging trend for young professional migrants who had relocated to Australia in the last 10 years to return to Ireland. The purpose of that research was to gather evidence on the drivers for return and the challenges faced by those making that decision.

From the research results and other submissions received, we identified a number of key areas where immediate and ongoing issues were arising which risked reducing the likelihood of (or preventing altogether) a return. We also canvassed opinion as regards some innovative ideas to incentivize Irish businesses to recruit from the Diaspora and others to help support those considering a return to start a business.

Following the publication of our White Paper, "Strategies to help support Diaspora seeking a return to Ireland", we engaged with a number of key stakeholders in Government back in Dublin through the Global Irish Civic Forum, alongside partner organisations back in Ireland and the private sector. While a number of issues had arisen from research which lay firmly in the hands of government to amend or implement appropriate legislation, many could be tackled through the collective will of committed individuals and so we set about finding solutions to the problems our respondents had put forward where we could.

This process has given rise to our Returning Migrants Program, through which we have attempted to weave together a number of strands of activity to deliver a support framework to members of the Chamber based in Australia who are considering a return to Ireland. Our Program will engage with participants prior to departure, those already committed or others who are only starting to think about the feasibility of a move. We will provide them with practical support, introductions to our private sector partners who can make a real difference for them as they explore their options. For those who make the move back, they will have the opportunity to engage with our partner organisations in the Program who will offer mentoring, advice, networking opportunities and social reintegration support whether they're back to work or to open a business.

We will touch on many elements with participants including:

  • Access to Financial Services
  • Finding a job
  • Setting up a Business
  • Investing in Ireland
  • Social Reintegration
  • Business Networking
  • Tax
  • Mentoring

We will also offer advice on engaging with Government support services where appropriate.

Thanks to the generous support of our private sector partners and reciprocal agreements with our sister organisations, we will deliver the pilot program at no cost to members.

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To register your interest in participating in the Returning Migrants Program please complete the form. Please note that you must be a Chamber member to be accepted onto the full program, however some elements may be made available generally. Please check back to this page for any free content that is authorised.