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Irish Chamber

IACC Returning Migrants Program

The Returning Migrants Program is back!

Many of you will have been aware of the Chamber's Returning Migrants Program, started in 2015, to assist Irish professionals in Australia in their transition back to Ireland. This program has returned with NexVentur, our corporate partner who are relocation and career specialists. 

Finding work, setting up a business, travel, visas, removals, opening bank accounts, securing home loans, insurance, real help on all the practicalities. 

But beyond those solutions, we are unique in that our Irish and Australian based Chapters give you the added benefit of connecting into a ready made network of people just like you. Not a social media group or an online forum, but a real network of potential employers, business partners, suppliers, customers and colleagues who you can meet in the city you're in now and the one where you'll be based.

Now that borders have reopened, the Returning Migrants Program is back, presented in partnership with Nex Ventur, and it's going to be bigger than ever. With the support of the Nex Ventur team, we are now also going to be working on supporting people based in Ireland to experience the next phase of their career in Australia.

Supported by a team of people who have actually made the move, both ways, we will be offering a range of free resources, but also a concierge service for those who'd like to secure some additional assistance in their move.

We would love you to take part in some research to provide the feedback that will allow us to tailor solutions to what you need in 2021 and beyond to be globally mobile. Please click on the Feedback Form button below to have your say and to tell us what you need.





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