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Irish Chamber

Pairing Process

First of all, you need to make a formal application to participate in the program. This is an important step which requires you to think about your goals as a participant and clearly articulate them in your application.

Participating in the program requires significant commitment from Mentees, who must be financial members, in terms of time management, professionalism and reliability. If your current circumstances make this commitment difficult to give for whatever reason, it is best not to apply until such times as you can actively participate, as you are unlikely to be able to benefit fully from the opportunity, and may prevent someone else who can commit from taking a place in what is a highly competitive program. 

After the closing date, all Mentee applications are assessed by an independent committee which includes Chamber team members, board members and previous program participants. Those applications which meet the assessment criteria are referred to prospective mentors. The Mentor will make a decision on whether or not they take on a particular Mentee and this is not within the control of the IACC. As your application will be given (in its entirety) to the prospective Mentor, it is in your interests to take care to make your application as strong as possible in order to increase the likelihood of being accepted by a quality Mentor. 

Our aim is to make initial pairings and facilitate introductions upon successful completion of the mobilisation workshop. 

We tell unsuccessful applicants as soon as possible that they have not made the shortlist but on occasion you may experience a delay in moving from provisional shortlist to being scheduled into a mobilisation workshop and request your patience and understanding during this period. Our volunteers have hundreds of applicants to support at this time and cannot always respond immediately to requests for updates, indeed time taken responding to multiple messages can prevent cases being progressed as intended.


Michelle Dolan
Deputy CFO
Toll Group

The IACC Mentoring Program has provided me the luxury of access to a selection of Australia's most experienced and accomplished Senior/Executive level professionals.

The program instills an openness amongst all the individuals involved. Throughout my three year involvement I've continually being taken aback by the Mentors' willingness to participate. Despite hectic schedules they have made themselves available, taken the time to really listen to my aspirations/issues, provided independent and honest feedback, as well as a few home truths! They have demonstrated humility, shared their own hard earned experience of success and faux pas with the ultimate goal of seeing their Mentee succeed.

This should be one of the priorities for any Irish Australian business professional, one which I value highly and each year the depth of the relationships I form here have become invaluable to me!

Rory Martin
Sustainability Manager - Residential
Frasers Property Australia

I felt that I had a lot to offer my industry but I wasn't quite sure how to take my career and industry interaction to the next level. Through the IACC I was fortunate enough to be paired with some outstanding Mentors who instilled the confidence in me, and challenged me, to reach my potential. I learned how to think strategically and was able to bounce ideas off great sounding boards.

I have had the solid support and guidance of industry experts through the Mentoring Program who have helped me carve my own journey as an individual in Australia and its fair to say that the outcomes may have been quite different were that support not there. The IACC have created a fantastic opportunity for young people in Australia to benefit from the experience of senior industry leaders. I could not recommend the program enough and I encourage every young person to give it a go. Everything you put into it will come back tenfold!