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Irish Chamber

2018 Finalist - Kayleigh Gartland

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2018

I am a Senior Business Development Manager for Grays Online and I have lived in Brisbane for almost seven years.
I visited this beautiful country in 2011 to visit and quickly recognised the immense opportunities available for hard working and committed individuals. I was raised in a very modest household in rural Ireland where traditional family values are commonplace. My Dad and brothers are hardworking boilermakers and my Mums role is to maintain the household. Whilst I have a great deal of respect for these traditional values I was determined to make my own way in my new homeland.

In 2015 I was appointed at Grays Online in the role of Business Development Manager in the construction machinery auction business. I was the first female Business Development Manager for the company as typically these and other senior management roles are held by male staff. 

My main activities have involved but are not limited to:

  • Researching business opportunities and viable income streams- This has involved building a solid customer base in QLD for the industrial division. Dedicating time to building strong client relationships which result in repeat business. This may involve organising auction events or appraising and purchasing equipment to sell.
  • Valuation of Assets- As part of my career progression I undertook the plant and machinery course offered by the Australian Auctioneers and Valuers Association. I am now a certified Plant and Machinery Valuer.
  • Negotiating with stakeholders- This involves negotiating with sellers of equipment and buyers of equipment and often conflict resolution between various parties.
  • Diversifying the business- This involves thinking “outside the box” and recognising new business opportunities. A good example is in recent months I have organised the sale of a Quarry Lease through our online platform, this is a first for Grays Online and hopefully will lead to more opportunities in the future.
  • Simulcast Auctions- Developing, testing and reintroducing simulcast auctions into the Grays Online offering being instrumental to the success of our first simulcast auction in March 2018.
  • Traditional Auctions- Organising and developing processes to re-introduce Traditional style auctions co-ordinating and ensuring success of 2 major industrial auctions in the last 3 years.
  • Marketing- Working closely with both sellers and buyers to ensure our marketing strategy is in line with our competitors. Following trends and ensuring we are ahead of our competitors.
  • Mentoring- Assisting junior sales staff with valuations of equipment and sales strategies.
  • Logistics- Overseeing logistical challenges associated with selling large assets in remote locations.

I live with my partner David and our two dogs. I love playing Gaelic football and I am heavily involved in one of the five GAA Clubs in Brisbane & this October I will travel to Melbourne to represent QLD in the Australasian State Games. I enjoy keeping fit and healthy. We love exploring Queensland camping when we get the opportunity.  I am confident that I am a worthy candidate for this award as I have a tenacious attitude towards professional success and leadership. I am dedicated to self-educating and learning from experienced business people.  I aspire to be a leader in my industry and I am willing to put in the hard work to gain the knowledge to do so. I want to be an inspiration to other young Irish Australians that there is no limit on where you can take your career.