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Irish Chamber

2018 Finalist - GHO

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2018

Since taking over the helm at GHO in Sep 2016 I have worked with my team to completely transform the business. We have shifted from delivering basic services towards a position where we are increasingly originating and crafting platforms for customer experience for and with clients. The key driver of this was the launch of our service, CoLAB™. This has also had a knock-on effect for key service offerings including; Research, Digital design & build and creative content. The result being a 25% increase in revenue year on year.

We have invested and deployed new technologies which fundamentally has changed the way we approach projects and the quality of output we can deliver. We have driven the change from chasing volume to value. These offerings are less labour intensive and far more rewarding from a revenue generating point of view.

We have expanded internationally. Through my connections with the Irish network here in Australia we have also acquired three Irish clients: Kyckr, Kerrygold and Enterprise Ireland. I intend to continue to grow this part of the business and ultimately open an office in Dublin so that we can provide a 24 hour service to our clients both in Australian and Ireland.

We have recruited and retained great employees. Our motto is, "Life’s short. Work with people you like".   We truly live and breathe this philosophy. We promote internally, train and mentor and get people to replace themselves as quickly as possible. The average tenure of an employee here at GHO is seven years.

We have contributed to our industry and community as a whole through running events that encourage participation and connection.