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Irish Chamber

2018 Finalist - NeoData

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2018

NeoData Australia is the premier secure data company. NeoData have deep functional and technical expertise in designing and delivering innovative solutions for our customers in multiple technologies most notably in the Oracle technology stack. Along with successfully delivering professional services to over 70 companies in the ANZ region NeoData have expansed into ASIA and also proudly have expanded into EMEA establishing our Irish operation this year with the launch of our Dublin office.

NeoData work with customers to realise goals and objectives through the innovative use of cloud and on premise technologies - supporting innovation, market disruption and operational excellence. At the heart of these outcomes is data security. NeoData plan and execute secure data strategies upholding some of the most stringent data security standards in the world.

NeoData is today globally recognised by Oracle and its customers for its excellence in customer success. This coupled with NeoData’s high level of community engagement, and social consciousness, offers NeoData’s customers services that transcend short-term financial benefits and value long-term mutual outcomes.

The IT Services Industry is dominated by large multi-national companies with a chequered history in respect to delivering value and upholding ethics and the law. It is in this market that I have grown NeoData to compete and thrive, taking great satisfaction in the realisation of commercial success while proving that poor ethics are not an ingredient of good commerce, quite the opposite!

Further to proving that good commerce and ethics are sound partners, providing a workplace that offers progression and succession to the young is a sadly rare thing. NeoData have developed a range of graduates who have grown into successful and happy professionals. NeoData continue to participate in both internship and graduate programs, offering students a chance to develop experience so they can get started in their chosen fields.

Success is defined across many dimensions in subsequent sections, and should prove to others out there, that there is always room for success, if you’re driven and confident to stand by your beliefs and work hard. However, more importantly, I believe there is an important message to those who dare to dream and act, that there is opportunity in all endeavours to make a positive impact on the lives of people and communities. Inspire people and serve as an example that sound ethics and compassion have their place in the centre of good commerce.