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Irish Chamber

2017 Finalist - Pat Moran


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Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017
Young Professional
Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017

I think I would be a worthy winner because I love what I do, love the construction industry and have been involved in some very rewarding & challenging projects over the past few years. I am a Senior Project Manager at Built Pty Ltd and have been with the company for 8 years- ever since returning from Ireland in 2009. I have forged many great working relationships in that time, including with a number of great Irish people.

I was born & raised in Melbourne, to an Aussie Mum & a very Irish Dad (a Kerryman). I have always had a strong affiliation with Ireland, and moved there upon completing my degree in 2003. I lived & worked in Ireland for 6 years, before returning to Australia in 2009 with my now wife Olivia who is from Leitrim. We now have 2 young children and have just returned from a 6 week family holiday in Ireland.