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2017 Finalist - Global P4P


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Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017
Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017

We believe that Global P4P would be a worthy winner of an Irish Australian Business award as our company demonstrates what ordinary blokes from the ground can achieve in a relatively short space of time with a Strategic Approach, unrelenting attention to Quality, a bit of Irish luck and grasping the opportunities that Australia offers.

Global P4P is a Landfill Civil Specialist operating throughout Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.  The P4P part of our name stands for People for Projects, as we know first-hand from onsite experience how critical it is to get quality staff on your project.  The business grew out of the LNG sector from 2014 – capitalizing on the highly skilled construction workers.  The company had humble beginnings and recognised from the outset that to be successful it was going to require strategic thinking and not just be another “Labour hire” business which was just churning out CV’s and not really providing any added value.  From the outset, the Directors wanted to create a company with a clear vision and sustainable business model.  The company took a strategic view, identifying the highly skilled resources and providing labour as project teams for specific Tier 1 projects.  The company also had its highly skilled and safe workforce employed on landfill operations, working in the largest landfill site in Victoria and running the landfill operations.

Over the past two years Global P4P identified and developed this niche area of Landfill Civil where it can bring together all its skills of civil operations ,quality, compliance, construction and engineering. The Landfill Sector is a dynamic market where operations are carried out 24/7, 365 days a year. The industry is heavily regulated and several bodies oversee compliance. It was this specialised offering to a niche market with a high barrier to entry that attracted Global P4P.

Despite, or rather because of these barriers the company has grown where it now recognised as a leading Landfill Civil Specialist. This past year has seen the company bid, secure and complete Landfill Cells and Caps in both Victoria and New South Wales. Global P4P has also secured a contract to provide and operate machines on working landfills. To achieve this the company has been very determined in its strategic direction and recruitment. Global P4P has developed a team now of industry professionals in Landfill Engineering, Construction Quality Assurance, Safety and Compliance.

Global P4P maintains the highest levels of Safety & Quality. Accreditation is underway for our Quality, Safety and Environmental Systems and we will have full ISO status by 31 October 2017 which will mark another milestone. This experience and commitment to Professionalism is what our customers get. This commitment to Quality and Safety also allows the company to leverage its labour force into Tier 1 large infrastructure projects. This proven track record of deliver has seen the company grow to over $3m turnover for FY17 and a projected increase in turnover to $8m forecast for FY18.