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2017 Finalist - Flexirent


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Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017
International Trader
Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017

Flexirent was founded in the late eighties, establishing strong partnerships with Harvey Norman back in their first western Sydney store. Flexirent identified a need for businesses to have access to quick finance in order to remain competitive in a growing market. Over the following twenty years Flexirent matured, changed and thrived. In December 2006, FlexiGroup Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (“FXL”). The success of FlexiGroup invoked desires to expand into markets further afield, so Flexirent opened its first office outside the southern hemisphere, in Swords County Dublin Ireland. The initial move was in support of Harvey Norman’s entry into the Irish market. Since then, FlexiGroup Ireland has come a long way. A FlexiGroup product is now available to consumers in over 500 retailers throughout Ireland, offering consumers more choice, access to fast affordable payment options and without any big upfront costs. Consumers can enjoy the goods they want, immediately. The nature of FlexiGroup’s products benefit retailers, generating repeat business and customer loyalty.

When FlexiGroup arrived in Ireland, Flexirent was the only product, but it wasn’t too long before the need for alternate finance options was evident. Since then, FlexiGroup have launched a brand-new consumer offering which is totally digital. The release of Flexi-Fi in June 2017 was a huge milestone for FlexiGroup Ireland and cemented its place in the Irish market, reinforcing the desire and commitment that FlexiGroup Ireland is here to stay! Flexi-Fi is a payment plan product, allowing consumers approval up to €15,000 within minutes via an end-to-end online application. The opportunities Flexi-Fi brings are far reaching, with early predictions of steady growth and a diversification strategy that will fuel the business for years to come.

FlexiGroup Ireland specialise in point of sale finance and are the only company currently offering a consumer hire agreement product to consumers through Flexirent. Even more exciting for FlexiGroup is that our new product Flexi-Fi is set to be offered in an ever-expanding network of stores around the country, empowering increased consumer choice, spending thus in turn, economic growth. Since 2009, FlexiGroup Ireland has achieved double-digit growth year on year and is forecasted to continue for years to come. Predicted organic growth will be fueled by the addition of Flexi-Fi and a suite of products our new technology will support. FlexiGroup Ireland is positioned well for busy (yet exciting) times to ahead. 

FlexiGroup’s DNA drives high employee engagement, innovative thinking, strong relationships and accountability which underpins our success. Experience has taught us that great organisations are made great by a dedicated workforce.

FlexiGroup Ireland started nine years ago, with a team of just two; fast forward to today and we have twenty-five great people on our journey... FlexiGroup Ireland is supported by a wonderful team based out of FXL’s Sydney headquarters. FlexiGroup’s culture is strong, although Australia is on the far side of the world, through building relationships, open communication and mateship, Ireland and Australia are really only inches apart.