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2017 Finalist - Moog


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Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017
Established Business
Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2017

Ireland has played a prominent role within Moog with a number of our design teams for Industrial, Aviation and Defence based there. We have seen designs for applications such as Boeings 787, Airbus A350 , Flight Simulation controllers, Ground vehicle systems for M113 & ASLAV to name but a few all originate from our Irish site. Ireland has also been quite successful in exporting its people with our current CEO John Scannell, Industrial VP Pat Roche and our managing director Bryan O’Connor all originating in the Emerald Isle.

As a Defence Recognized Supplier since 2003, Moog Australia has been actively supporting the efforts of Australia and New Zealand’s defence force and relief workers. Moog provides mission critical sub-systems and components on platforms including the F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet, Blackhawk, AP-3C Orion, ASLAV 25, M113. The collaboration between our Irish and Australian entities has resulted in Moog been able to provide cutting edge technology and through life support on both the M113 and ASLAV platforms. This affords the Australian Government the opportunity to have sovereign capability. It also provides Moog Australia and Ireland with both regional and global supply chain opportunities to grow future business.