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2016 Finalist - Currency Fair **WINNER**



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Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2016
International Trader
Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2016

CurrencyFair has a simple vision;  “create a world of fair financial services that empower and delight people“

Founded and headquartered in Dublin in 2010 CurrencyFair developed a unique peer to peer platform that allows users to make international transfers at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Backed by Enterprise Ireland as a high potential start up, CurrencyFair established an Australian office in 2012 to expand its operations and service the increasing Irish expat community.

CurrencyFair now employs over 100 people with its two main offices being Ireland and Australia. CurrencyFair’s growing volumes of international transfers form part of Irish export figures and along with creating highly skilled jobs has resulted in a success for Enterprise Ireland.

Key to CurrencyFair’s success has been the ability to link technologies that enable a seamless customer experience that is utilised by an ever expanding client base. This commitment to innovation has ensured we delight customers at every touch point and enables scalability.

Why we are worthy winners of the International Trader Award:

• Well established business, leading innovation in global payments, CurrencyFair is in its sixth year of delivering a highly valued product.
• Growing trade volumes that since inception have now surpassed AUD 5.5 billion.
• Our performance has improved exponentially both in customer base and export / import volumes. Our Australian customer base has increase 21,000 % since company launch in 2006.
• We are highly innovative and technology focused, being the first to bring peer to peer foreign exchange to the market place.
• We have a strong sense of community creating highly skilled jobs, supporting local sporting clubs and providing philanthropic support to groups like The Irish Australian Fund.
• We have put in place a strategy that is driven by a simple vision. Make life easier for our customers. We have used technology and innovation to develop a platform that makes what once was expensive and difficult to being cost effective and easy.