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Alto Cibum

Alto Cibum
Name Rob Clifford
Phone 0407449672
Location PO Box 35,Kew East,VIC,3102
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  • Accommodation and Food Services
Meaning ‘high food’, Alto Cibum is a handpicked collective of industry experts who know what it takes to build a successful and memorable urban business. From concept development through to brands and places, we plan, measure, create, build and transform ideas into tangible solutions. From local startups to global chains, neighbourhood restaurants to city blocks, our work is visionary yet relevant, innovative yet authentic. We value a contribution to better business through creative thinking and design. With a wealth of knowledge and an obsession for food, our mission is to deliver powerful integrated ideas that create meaningful connections across multiple audiences and disciplines. We’re uniquely positioned to bring you a full suite of services and solutions to make your urban business better.