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Chamber VP at the cutting edge of Digital Disruption

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In this guest blog, our VP Carl Walsh talks about one of his passions and how it may support future growth of the Chamber.


I don't think, if you'd have asked me in the late 1980s as I made my way out of UCC with a Law Degree, that a future career path in finance across banking, professional services (and even some AFL) would have brought me to the role of CFO in Australia's top business messaging provider. I'd probably have thought that Clare were a better chance of lifting Sam - with me in goals!

I've been privileged to have seen much change and evolution in my career so far, but working in a technology business has opened my eyes to the pace and scale of that change becoming much greater. It's been fantasticto experience and that's exactly why I'm excited about an upcoming event that I am speaking at, focussed around some passions of my day job, being innovation in technology and digital disruption. Its exciting times in our industries when we look at understanding monetisation strategies for a rapidly changing customer and it's also something that may have wider implications on the Chamber, being a large member business.

Digital disruption is creating a new breed of customers that want the freedom to consume services differently: paying only for timely outcomes and enjoying immediate, compelling experiences. In this new world, maintaining a steady level of growth is the name of the game, and to achieve this you need to run multiple strategies, from new segments to new regions, acquisitions to diversification - all essential to making your business succeed in the rapidly transforming global Subscription Economy.

If you happen to be in Melbourne on 24th August I'd be delighted to have some Chamber members along to join the discussion as we share best practice, customer stories and ideas for monetising innovation in this digital age.

There is also a similar event taking place in Sydney on the 22nd of August. It's free to attend both events and you can book your place via

Digitial Disruption
Carl Walsh