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Irish Chamber

A Simple Thank You

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In this guest blog, Sydney-based member and mentor Peter Longhurst shares some of the story behind his motivation to write a new business book.


The 2 questions I am asked when I tell people that I have published a book are:

“How long did it take you to write the book? “
“What made you write the book ? “

I will answer the second question first by explaining that the idea has been in my head for a long, long time, since I was a young man. My mother was the initial instigator of my writing letters of Thanks; this is explained in the book.

I also believe that a lot of "common courtesies" have been abandoned in our daily dealings with each other, whether in business or personally and I believe this detracts from a  harmonious society.

Happiness is a common pursuit of many people and I feel it can be achieved by paying due attention to your fellow human beings. You will feel happy and contented as well as the person you have thought of and reached out to.

The simple answer to the first question is that I started to put pen to paper some 2 ½ years ago and followed the 3 step plan as outlined in the book. After numerous Mind maps, drafting of Chapters and recording these into ‘Word’ my manuscript was completed.

This book was written to:

  • Assist business people  to grow their business
  • Make their business ‘Unique’
  • Provide a level of satisfaction in your daily tasks
  • Give to others without expecting anything in return
  • Promote the ‘old fashioned’ concepts of ‘common courtesy’ for the betterment of society
  • Build and maintain strong personal relationships.

Making yourself unique and ensuring growth are the great challenges in business. This book shows you how by using some practical techniques you can grow your business and make it a leader in your industry.

A three step planning process is outlined to ensure there is adequate time allocated to “ thinking “ to ensure business and personal goals are achieved.

This book will teach you how to achieve a greater sense of self-fulfillment by taking the time to commit your thoughts to writing with no intention of receiving anything in return other than the personal satisfaction that the recipient will benefit from its receipt. Practical examples are provided on how to say thank you or give recognition which will reward you in ways you have never contemplated.

More and more of our communication today takes place with technology involving cloud sourced data read on screens. We should reflect and learn the lessons, habits and common courtesies of past generations which have served society well for generations, ensuring humans maintain a personal and caring relationship with each other.

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