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Learning from the best

Thursday, June 26, 2014

In this post, our CEO provides a summary of this week's IACC/GT Business Mentoring Program event in Sydney featuring Kristen Hansen and Ronan Powell. He was very impressed, as were all those who came along.....

I had the pleasure of hosting the mid-year event in the Business Mentoring Program for the Sydney cohort at Grant Thornton last night. The Sydney group is gathering momentum with many more program participants from a wide range of backgrounds and it's always encouraging to see those good people who are involved bringing new people of calibre into the group.

Considering that, we owe a debt of gratitude to Teresa O'Brien from Westpac for her efforts in securing what turned out to be two exceptional speakers for the session. Kristen Hansen and Ronan Powell were our guests and I can honestly say, I may have been distracted from my moderator role by the fact that I was writing down something every minute or two during the discussion, such was the quality and impact of the learning being shared in the room. I'm sure it was the perfect storm of a quality, engaged group and speakers who challenged and inspired us all but when we ran out of time and had to call for the final question, I know that many of us were disappointed we couldn't carry on for an hour or two beyond our deadline.

We learned about what great leaders look like and both Kristen and Ronan shared stories of their personal journeys, including the mentors who had faith in them and played such a key role in their lives. Tackling topics around EQ:IQ, making people "uncomfortably excited" (*thanks Fiona!), Neuroleadership and the models of NLP we were treated to some very insightful remarks and our book list is now enhanced with the addition of "Firms of Endearment"and the works of Daniel Pink. Jim Collins even got a mention too!

John McQuaid summed it up perfectly in closing remarks when he asked for a show of hands as to who would like to have Kristen and Ronan in their business for a week. Judging by the response, I predict much interest in their services - and rightly so, they were class acts.

Firms of Endearment